Keeping Time: Piano Exhibition Coming to Clinton, Minnesota

Keeping Time: Steve Misener’s Rare Collection of Historical Pianos

Veterans Memorial Building, Main Street, Clinton, MN 56225

April 18 – May 16, 2012

The Big Stone Arts Council is proud to present the country’s largest interactive, hosted piano exhibit, “Keeping Time.” This exhibit displays the design, engineering, and aesthetic beauty of pianos, featuring working models dating from the 1700s to 1950s. Guests are invited to play them. This event will be held from April 18th to May 16th in the Clinton Memorial Building in Clinton, Minnesota. Admission is free. Because there are no regional arts grants or legacy funds available for this event, there will be a donation basket to defray the costs of transporting the instruments, the use of the auditorium, and Steve Misener’s time hosting and travel. The Clinton Memorial Building is wheelchair accessible.

Curator Steve Misener will introduce this collection to the public while interspersing stories about the industry, composers, piano history, and colorful details of previous owners in past centuries. The scope of the exhibit provides expression to nearly all of the senses, from the majestic and sometimes rustic physical beauty of each instrument, to the emotional reaction to the music that each instrument can create.

Keyboard instruments are the most historic, broadest mechanism for performance with the piano being the cornerstone. Misener’s collection affords a rare opportunity to be able to hear the music of Classical and Romantic composers played on period instruments. The interactive nature of this display engages audiences, as participation is required to operate some of the instruments.  Mechanical details of the piano and reed organ will be discussed and the instruments can be partially disassembled for attendees to see the intricacies of design, physics of sound, and the incredible hand carved detailing of the cabinetry and marquetry that make the instrument a visual masterpiece.

Misener has spent most of his life collecting and restoring pianos and organs, first as a passionate youngster, and then as a professional piano tuner and technician.  His inherent interest in all aspects of these instruments has grown his collection to 130 instruments and it continues to grow as he discovers and cares for more and more of these musical orphans. Misener’s personal collection is one of the largest collections in the United States.

To learn more about Steve’s historic piano collection, please visit

Please reserve your visit to this exhibit in Clinton, Minnesota, by contacting Steve Misener at: or by calling him at (605) 676-2355.

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